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First they brought you the Fumble Free Disposable Party Plate that holds food and drink in one hand, giving you one hand free to eat and greet, at all Social Functions, Weddings, Seminars, and Meetings.  Proudly NZ Made & fully RECYCLABLE.



We are in total lock down, COVID restriction just got the better of us.
We shall just sit and remember we were geniuses !!!

Maybe we shall see you on the other side.... KEEP SAFE EVERYONE

Party Plate NZ - Holds stemmed wine glass plus food in one hand Plastic Party Plates - NZ Made - Executive Design Holds stem-less glass, cup or tumbler    Plastic Party Plates - NZ Made - Soiree Design Holds stemmed glass ware Seminar Party Plate NZ Holds cup or can or glass plus food in one hand - ideal for morning and afternoon teas

'Elite' - holds stemmed glass
Luncheon Size

'Executive' - holds Cup or Can
Luncheon Size
  'Soiree' - holds stemmed glass
Finger Food Size
'Seminar' Plate holds cup, glass or stubbie
Finger Food Size

Now they are about to introduce the cutest D.I.Y. Painting Aid' - WATCH THIS SPACE....

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